Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Entando - My first time

I'm currently studying an open source software called Entando. It's a Java platform to develop websites, built with maven.
I wanna guide you in my exploration.

The code is hosted under github and the main documentation is in the Entando core repository. The project consists of the following parts:
  • entando-core : the main core of the project
  • entando-components : a collection ot addons
  • edo : a code generator (very goooood :D)
  • entando-ux-packages : a collection a sample applications
  • entando-archetypes : maven archetypes to create easily web-applications and components


  • Java JDK (on Ubuntu I usually use the following guide)
  • Maven (This is the official guide)
  • Git (at the moment is not necessary, but I love it! here the guide)
  • Eclipse (no, not the book!)
  • Ant (at the moment is not necessary)

First Portal

I'll try to create my own website starting from archetypes. I type in my shell the following command:
mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=entando
I found many archetypes, but the first I wanna try is: entando-archetype-portal-bootstrap, that allows me to create a portal with a bootstrap template. Once selected the archetype, the current version is 4.2.0-TP1). I used the following parameters:
  • groupId : com.thedumb.entando (my package)
  • artifactId : thedumb
  • version : the default (1.0-SNAPSHOT)
  • package : com.thedumb.entando
The command creates a folder named like the artifactId (thedumb). Now the portal is ready to be started with the following command:
mvn clean jetty:run
and open the the page http://localhost:8080/thedumb/ in the browser.

The first time the portal is started, it populates a DB (default is a standalone derby DB).

The main user id admin, with password adminadmin. You can find the back-office main page at http://localhost:8080/thedumb/do/main.action

The next time I wanna explore the Entando back-office and create a simple web-application.



First blog, first post :)

this is my first blog, and I've no idea how to manage it, but I'll try to do it.

I wanna communicate something about my passions.
I think I'll start from the computer programming.

I'm sorry for my bad english.